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Jordan Page is a young Singer/Songwriter and itinerant musician seeking to mobilize a new generation to stand up for their country and the rights of the individual. Jordan uses his talents to promote a message of peace while educating and mobilizing resistance to tyranny and the erosion of American civil rights.

A mix of acoustic rock, hard rock, and folk, Jordan puts forth a powerful lyrical message with equally impactful music to educate and entertain simultaneously. He embodies the protesting spirit of Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Steve Earle and Eddie Vedder before him, which is so rare in music today. Speaking truth to power in song, Jordan has raised his voice against Corporate Fraud and misguided Government policies with the hopes of activating a new generation to social conscience and peaceful political protest. Like his forebears, Jordan seeks to change society and the world for the better through his words and his music. He empowers his audience by letting them know that the real revolution begins with the individual.

Over the past few years, Jordan has honed his songwriting and musicianship and is now selling out clubs throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, on the East Coast from Maine to Florida, and in the Mid-West. He has been a headlining performer at over 50 political and protest events all over the country, performing alongside Congressman Dr. Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano, and has been a featured guest on numerous news and talk show programs including Fox News – The Strategy Room and Freedom Watch Live.

Jordan's new album release "Liberty" contains his most impactful work to date as he takes on hard subjects. The track "Frontlines" (including topics such as overcrowded, and under-funded schools); the title cut "Liberty" (discussing the too cozy relationship between Corporate America and Government Regulators and how we should be taking a stand against it), and "Victory Song" (how its not about Democrats or Republicans, but about WE THE PEOPLE and how united we stand or divided we will ALL fall) are examples of how Jordan uses music to empower people to stand up for what they believe in and to start working together to make positive change. Jordan's sincerity, integrity, heart, and courage of his convictions shine throughout the entire album, making it powerful from start to finish. As a result, his music is starting to resonate in the wider world. His song "Liberty" was recently requested to be used as the theme song for the National Libertarian Party of
Spain and his song "Dragons" was recently licensed as the Main Title theme music for the new hard hitting political talk show "Adam VS the Man" on RT TV America.

As long as there is a cause worth fighting for Jordan Page will be speaking out for the rights of the people and singing a call to action.

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